2009; Household fabrics, Rocks, Copper Piping, Plant Debris,Plaster, Charcoal, Dictaphone

14 Art Students from London: Group show of 13 other artists.

The title "A Round" is meant as a musical round and thinks about ideas of people and "things" over lapping in time, the idea of cross over's within this, and the idea of change versus things staying the same.

"A Round"; An arrangement of 5 sculptures in a circle with a Dictaphone covered in charcoal in the middle. The Dictaphone played recordings from a fireworks festival in Spain. The hanging bundles were made from old clothes, plant matter and mixed media. This sculpture was made in the summer of 2009 and was a show shortly after the RART Bash studios show so I was interested in the same materials and ideas but wanted to try using arrangements slightly differently.