Always follow your gut

Hallo, my name is Isabelle and I am a natural, intuitive and genuine cook.

After studying and practicing the arts for seven years I plunged myself into the depths of kitchens to follow my dream of being a unique and creative chef.

Throughout the 5 years working as a chef I have had stints as various things really but led by my genuine desire to cook, learn and develop my skills and experience.

Through this I qualified on the Intensive Cordon Bleu Diploma at Tante Marie Culinary Academy, and wrote to my favourite pastry chefs hoping to gain internships with them and learn as much as possible.

I was lucky enough to obtain hugely competitive internships to include; The Fat Duck Development Kitchens, the pastry and bakery areas at Pennyhill Park, Ruth Hinks, Uk World Chocolate Master and Jamie Oliver food styling and production company.

Here is me working as the pastry chef at Zucca restaurant last year, voted best Italian restaurant in the UK! :).


Cannoli for a private event. yummy:D




 The Fat Duck year book in The Experimenatl Kitchens!! Oooer!