Food blogs back guys. Why did I ever hide this gem, only about 4 or 5 years worth of work. LOL. So it'l take some tweaking to get it bak to scratch.

Pretty cool looking back from the beginning though. 


2016 in progress




Testing shapes for my new ginger, orange and semolina biscuits to go with the on going summer pudding special at zucca.



Rococo chocolates. Beautiful.



Gelato! Pistachio, hazelnut and cherry. Why would you just have one!! 



Quo Vadis, Soho. lemon curd, meringue, walnuts






Chocolate and almond sponge, chocolate ganache, toasted coconut

This is one of the cakes that I made at work where I've been doing the baking.




The obsession lives on.....Yogurt, lemon juice, cherry jam, fresh strawberries, shaved white chocolate, crushed meringue 


 Summer party to celebrate my lovely friends


Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries covered again with either white chocolate, ground roasted almonds or honeycomb pieces. Strawberry sculptures at the top :)





Champagne Jelly with grated white chocolate 

Champagne Jelly! Turning into my party staple! I didn't scramble it this time. Attack with a spoon approach, and we had really good champagne, lucky us! But my pound shop blue n pink spoons (amongst other treats) brought us back to earth haha!! 



Yogurt ice lollies; Yogurt, fresh strawberries, honeycomb pieces, fresh apricots, lemon juice 

Yogurt ice loillies 2; Yogurt; fresh blackberries, blackberry jam, lemon juice, cherries



Caramalised banana canapes



 Tempered Shards with honeycomb pieces-Thanks Chef Sandra for the transfer sheets, so pretty!



 Tempered Shards-Thanks Chef Sandra for the Transfer sheets, so pretty!



Party Ice cubes with lemon, lime, and orange segments. Also with water and homemade flavoured sugar syrups to include grapefruit syrup



 Greek style salad with roasted tomatoes, feta and mixed Mediterranean herbs







 Poaching liquor for chicken 


Base sauce for poaching chicken- For Vietnamese summer rolls lemon, orange and lime juice, ginger, garlic, chilli, soy sauce, preserved ginger, lemon zest


Vegetables for Vietnamese summer rolls; Served with two traditional Vietnamese dipping sauces




 30th Birthday Cake


30th Birthday Cake- Three layered lemon cake, lemon syrup, lemon butter cream , 30 crystalised rose petals, candied lemon squares, white chocolate curls, honeycomb pieces.



 Crystalised rose petals


 Candied lemon squares



Tante Marie Culinary Academy: Intensive Le Cordon Bleu Diploma

 September 2013- March 2014


 Chocolate ramekins with chocolate mousse, salted hazelnut honeycomb, blood orange segments and blood orange syrup






 Balsamic steak with kaleidoscope salad 


 Salted butterscotch tart






 Assiette of apple


 Poached loin of rabbit with pearl barley and cauliflower peree








 Pea soup with crab


  Kale and rainbow carrots


 Terrine de bavaroise




 Puy lentils with goats curd and beetroot


 Pear and caramel mille feuille





 Apple and Cinnamon bavaois with white chocolate 


 Smoked salmon, herb and souffle layer cheesecake




 Asian consomme




 Petits fours


 Autumn designed celebration cake


 Christmas! Chocolate dipped honeycomb, Chcolate transfer shards, Candied grapefruit and orange  stciks, home made tempered chocolates




 Nectarine and pear lattice tart



 Canteen Second Floor Studios and Arts,Cafe Manager Proposal to rejuvenate Arts cafe

Weekly Changing menus


View from CANTEEN terrace.

Submission idea for new flier by studio artists; work by R.Dalzell




 Bakewell tart


Sweet pastry with lemon zest 


 Padron Peppers





 Blueberry, white chocolate and lemon zest creamed cake



 Blueberry and white chocolate mini creamed cakes with lemon zest



 Watercress and dill salmon en creute with griddled courgettes and new potatoes









 Salmon wrapped in puff pastry (shop bought)



 Seasoned salmon fillet rubbed with the watercress, dill, creme fraiche and lemon zest sauce


 Salmon fillet seasoned and rubbed with lemon zest


 Dill, watercress, creme fraiche , tabasco and lemon zest sauce



Grilled wraps with butter chicken, rocket salad and a butterbean, sundried tomato and pickle salad



 Seedy wraps with a butterbean, sundried tomato and pickle salad



 Butter chicken and red peppers



 Party fun; Champagne and vanilla jelly



 Chesnut mushroom, thyme and ricotta parcels with fresh parsley



 Thyme and garlic oil



 Chicken, butterbean and white wine stew with crushed potatoes and broccoli



 Kofta kebabs with leek, onion and mint basmatti rice served with yoghurt



 Fettuccine pasta



 Courgettes and toasted nuts for a pesto sauce with fettuccine pasta



 Toasted Almonds and Sunflower seeds with black pepper


 Spiced onions


 Aramark 2011-2012 Commis breakfast and dessert chef


 Sweet pastry

 Chocolate sponge



 Apple and blackberry filo pastry pie




 Lemon roast chicken with shallots


 Working on Borough Market tea stall


 Family grown tomatoes



 Thai Green Curry




 Girolles and beef with parsley and shallots







Girolle mushrooms brought back from france


Paris inspiration September 2012





































 Chocolate trifle with tosted almonds





 Lemon syrup



 Lemon drizzle cake



 Orange and mint meringue tart with almond pastry





 Orange segments, spearmint and peach juice





 Cocoa powder and flour for chocolate cake






 Spiced apples and plums for crumble



 Meringue,cherry and custard and sponge base for 'queeen of puddings'

 Lemon drizzle cake

 Serving pimms at the halls summer bbq




 Lamb, curried okra,garlic oyster mushrooms and parlsey salad with turkish bread







 Strawberry cheesecake

 Spiced apples with sultanas- for apple dumplings


 Spiced flour


 Banana muffins


 Toffee sauce


 Bakewell tart base


 Almond sponge mix


 Coconut sponge mix


 Apples with spiced sugar for tarte tatin


 Rustic pastry cases


 Pastry lids

 Lemon drizzle cake


 Apple and blackberry slice


 Chocolate sauce


Caramalised apple and walnut cake




 Upside down creamed peach cake


 Melted chocolate


 Strawberry greek yoghurt with blueberries




Chocolate and lemon mousse with broken chocolate and cream


 Star anise, bay leaf, ground corriander, salt, pepper


 Onion, fennel, chilli, white vine vinegar, oil, black pepper

  Butternut squash, fennel and onion filo pastry pie


 Sponge and fruit


 Sponge and fruit trifle base


 Toasted almonds, cherries,chantilly cream trifle base


 Chantilly trifle

 Chocolate chip muffins


 Apples, spiced brown sugar


Apple pie



 Raspberry creamed cake with a white chocolate icing and strawberrys




 Smoked salmon, spinach and seed cracker bites with lemon


Salmon fishcakes



Tofu and spring onion fritters with a sweet chilli sauce



 Brie, cranberry and grape stacks

Slow cooked vegetables with a poached egg and basil