For the last 5 years of this websites existence I have had quite a controlled and themed based way of displaying the images I take. I am renewing this with a more fluid approach-to a blog so I can include links and some writing as-well.

I have always had a keen interest in photography but I always feel it is quite a lazy and spontaneous approach-in terms of technical technique that is. I like to use my phone, I don't really mess around with the 'shots' too much and I try to keep them natural and preserve them for what they are and how they were taken.

I am usually interested in the same things; the mundane, the everyday, nature (that encompasses a lot)... Although I like animals haha. The ideas stem from a fine art thought process, time, change, stillness, perspective, relationships between varying objects and assigning meaning to these.Findong something special and interesting in not very much.

I have lots of different cameras and a good 'point and shoot' camera which some images are from, but recently I have been sticking with my phone which is fun and easy. I am a big fan of Lomography and have a great 'polaroid' attachment for that.

I'd like to develop my technical approach more so we'll see how that progresses.


Italy: Naples, Sicily:Catania/Palermo, Rome, Florence, Venice.